“Perreo for the Soul: Emotional Release & Bodywork Sessions”

What is “Perreo for the Soul: Emotional Release & Bodywork
Sessions” about?

The “Perreo for the Soul sessions” are about connecting our
physical, emotional and mental bodies to feel in our power. In these individual
sessions, we’ll explore the connection between movement, pelvic floor
activation, and emotional regulation. Through conscious breathing, pelvic floor
exercises, and perreo, we’ll develop tools to better understand and regulate
our emotions. By activating and strengthening the pelvic floor, we can release
tension held in the body, allowing for greater emotional expression and
release. These sessions are designed to help you connect with your body,
release stress, and cultivate greater emotional resilience.

What are they like?

In these individual sessions, we’ll begin by talking about why you’ve come
and if there is anything in particular you’d like to address. From there, we’ll
move into a warm-up that includes dancing to perreo, activating our breathing,
and developing awareness in the pelvic floor. We’ll use these movements to
connect with our bodies and release any tension or stress we might be carrying.

After the warm-up, we’ll go into other movement exercises that will help us
deepen our body awareness and continue to explore the mind-body connection.
We’ll use guided movement improvisation and other techniques to help you tune
into your body and express yourself creatively.

Towards the end of the session, we’ll take some time to talk about any
insights or feelings that emerged during the movement practice. This can be an
opportunity to reflect on how your body and emotions are connected and to gain
a deeper understanding of your own inner experiences.

We’ll close each session with a grounding meditation to help you integrate
your experience and leave feeling centered and balanced. By the end of the
session, you’ll have a deeper connection to your body, a greater awareness of your
emotions, and some new tools to support your overall well-being.


1st “Perreo for the Soul: Emotional Release & Bodywork Sessions”


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“Perreo for the Soul: Emotional Release & Bodywork Sessions”


Click here to purchase.
  1. You can only get a “1st Session” pass once.
  2. The session is 1 Hour long.
  3. Once you purchase your session you’ll get an email with availble schedule options.