This is Yoga & Reggaeton
Spiritual activism and intense perreo
To decolonize bodies and to challenge binaries (good-bad, savage-civilized, whore-saint)
These opposing assumptions are more connected than what they seem

is a movement practice created by Maque Pereyra that works at physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. Through a series of exercises it gathers yoga asanas and spiritual principles, andean spirituality, fitness and guided meditation exercises and perreo – a dance to reggaeton which is similar to twerk. offers the possibility of an intense aerobic workout as well as the possibility of working on self healing and self empowerment through the development of body consciousness, physical strength, pleasure and sensuality.

"With I want to generate a space where to shake our booties, reclaim our pleasure for ourselves and meditate belongs to the same physical-mental-spiritual-emotional work. This elements overlap rather than contradict, so during this practice we can embrace this so-called contradictions and give ourselves the space where we understand our own processes better than anyone and most importantly where we have agency over our own sexuality. I believe sexual energy is creative energy that deserves to be awaken and shared in a respectful, loving and consensual way. We work a lot with closed eyes, letting the music guide us, feeling our breath, shaking shame, guiltiness, fear away from our pelvic floors, touching our skin and being in the same space with others that also want to explore one way of reencountering themselves with their touch, breath, sweat and the enjoyment it brings with."


During the Workshops both practical and theoretical materials are extensively shared. In a time frame of a minimum of 4 hours, the participants are encouraged to shake their bodies/booties, to drop their minds into the movement and to surrender to the low beats. This allows a deeper meditative state where the body in movement connects the theoretical with the practical input.

Weekly / Regular Classes

A weekly/regular class lasts one hour. It combines the physical exercises with the guided meditation exercises. The class pumps the energy up and around the body and then grounds it so to generate consciousness in every movement and to apply it in our every day lives. In both formats the constant guidance is present in order to encourage a deeper recognition of the body-mind-soul-spirit unity to develop a wholly self.

For more information about regular classes and workshops go to YoggatonFanPage

An Artistic Practice
As an scenic creator, dancer and performer, I conducted movement research through for the last three years. The research was mainly focused on bodily qualities, stage presence, voice work as well as compositional tools and strategies that could be found through a daily practice of . At the same time, the particular questions of every scenic project were informing the practice and viceversa. The performances ‘Solar Threshold’, ‘Taypimami//footnotes to myself’ and the MA Soda Research Presentation ‘Oracular Creature’ were deeply informed by the practice of .

got born from pure enjoyment and intuition, from trying things out without over analyzing or judging the creative process. Therefore, I know that got born from the uterus, full of strong creative female energy and knowledge related with intuition that means: Direct perception of truth or fact, independent of any reasoning process / Immediate apprehension. After allowing the experimentation and playfulness, I started to structure the practice into what it is nowadays .

Kundalini Yoga

Works on how to activate the first Chakra (Muladhara) where the snake Kundalini is to be found, right at the basis of the spine. This branch of yoga insist on working on the ascendance of the snake’s energy so it can gather the energy of Shiva who lyes on the seventh chakra. By bringing them together through the nadi Sushumna (spinal column), is said that all the Chakras can get activated and true knowledge and happiness can be found.

Prehispanic Culture

Quetzalcoatl, mythic god from the nahuatl speaking people from what is nowadays Mexico and Guatemala, is the winged snake that among other characteristics represents the communion of duality, the masculine and feminine, mistake and perfection, heaven and earth. The relationship between the gathering of Shiva-Kundalini and Quetzalcoatl is one that many spiritual guides recognize. Shiva and Kundalini represent the unity of instinctive and rational knowledge through which wider consciousness can be achieved. Quetzalcoatl, both from earth and heaven, embodies the characteristics of the mundane and the divine. The idea is to awaken its power, to generate the communion between mundane and divine within ourselves by considering sexuality and pleasure as sacred sources of wisdom and divinity.

Andean Culture and Spirituality

Pachamama, Mother Earth, is seeing as the beginning and the end of all things. Ritual dances, which common feature is to keep the body in a squad position while stamping on the floor and making the lower limbs shake, are performed for this entity. The energy of Pachamama is related with fertility and sexuality. The more awaken this energy is, the more creative power is unleashed.

For Jalq’a culture, located in the andean region of Bolivia, the Ukhu Pacha, or underworld, is the world of the unruly creatures named Khurus. They represent the intuitive creation and the deliberately constructed disorder and they are as important as the creatures from the Janan Pacha, or upper world, which stands for a higher way of thinking and the creatures from the Kaypacha, or the world from here and now, that is represented by all the living creatures in our world. By connecting this three worlds in a non-hierarchical way, this culture makes possible a cyclic and integral view of life.

Nowadays there are plenty of new female Reggaeton and Neoperreo artists whom are producing music that talks about female pleasure, sexual agency and empowerment. They playfully bring sexual as well as non sexual content to their lyrics.

A constant critic to Reggaeton is the position of the sexual object it gives to females, since it is performed mostly by men. Word appropriation and subversion is a practice that feminism and mostly feminism of color is being doing to fight against racism, classism, sexism and homophobia among other patriarchal structures. By claiming pejorative words as one’s own the initial intention gets blocked. Word appropriation is definitely part of the new Reggaeton wave and Neoperreo scene, they clame for them selves words such as slut, whore, bitch and are not afraid of saying how they want or not want to have sex.

In this sense aims to put the practitioners in the position of the desiring person, the one that is not afraid of showing, proposing, asking and experimenting with their own body, sensuality/sexuality and the pleasure that exploring with it brings.

Decolonial Discourses

A main part of current decolonial discourses is healing and how through self healing and the recovery and reinterpretation of ancient forms of spirituality we can decolonize ourselves. One of the focuses of is self healing because in order to overcome oppressive familiar-social-global systems and structures we need to be as energetic and healthy as possible.

Other important consideration is embracing the contradictions because after the colonization happened, there’s no way back to a pure place. is about bringing so-called-oppositional places, together: the woman as a witch or as a bitch, the healer or the mundane, the good girl who practices ballet or yoga and the bad girl who parties all night long. The question here is ¿how to embody all the so-called contradictions?, ¿why wouldn’t it be possible to be all of that? ¿why not to embrace the discordant places we are a fruit of?

Sociological Considerations

This practice is Ch’ixi. Silvia Rivera, bolivian sociologist, takes this aymara word that literally means mixture of colors for understanding the complexities of an identity that juxtaposes different identities and backgrounds generating a new one.

In , the realms of the mundane, divine, sensual, sexual, and physical workout are coexisting in sort of a non-hierarchical juxtaposition where it is still possible to recognize the influences but in the end it is a new thing on itself.